Word Lock - A Useful English Vocabulary Assistant
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Word Lock is a very simple and easy puzzle game of English Vocabularies on iPad. We made this game for the purpose of improving player's English skills by taking only 20 minutes a day. Player could also learn or review more than 1000 words with brief definitions and examples in Word Lock.

In Word Lock, player needs to solve an unknown word with some clues and there are also some very special items that he can use in the game. Player could unlock 10 words and spell words correctly with a hint on keyboard everyday. After unlocking the words, player could review and memorize the words one by one. Word Lock also provides 2 ways to search a word. First, the most common way is entering a word correctly to search it. Second way is using our Label System. If you have marked a work with one or more labels, you could find the word very easily by using some of the labels of the word.

We truly like to help all the English learners to improve their skills in English. So, we made this useful app - Word Lock. Hope you guys might enjoy this game.

Release Note: 1.0: Word Lock Arrival